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Nymbl Systems is currently the ONLY Cloud-Based O&P Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management System

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Data Security

Nymbl Systems has received a perfect security score in comparison to any other software in the orthotic and prosthetic space.

100% Cloud-Based

Nymbl is optimized for every type of device and can be seamlessly used between different devices. Nymbl requires no app to install or download, and can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

Latest Technology

Nymbl is constantly improving and keeping up with the latest technologies to help improve security, speed, and reliability.

Nymbl is the ONLY 100% Cloud-Based O&P Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management System.

Being 100% HIPAA compliant, we secure your data as it’s being transmitted and when it is at rest on our Amazon Web Servers. This takes away any overhead cost of having and hosting your own internal server, as well as the extra cost of the IT team associated with it.

Nymbl’s O&P software received the collective input from some of the best practices around the United States, with over 400+ years of collective knowledge.

Save on software that will streamline your workflow! Operate more efficiently and securely with Nymbl Systems.

Nymbl Systems’ easy to use practice management software can improve productivity, proficiency, and profits for orthotic and prosthetic providers.

We hope that increasing productivity, decreases the time documenting and increases the time spent with the patients.

Nymbl's software is the future of O&P technology.

Nymbl is fully optimized to be used, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  No app to install, and no overhead server costs.  

With Nymbl you are able to access everything you may need pertaining to your practice, without losing any software functionality no matter what device you have on hand.

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More than a clearing house

The Waystar platform creates a seamless exchange of claim, remit and eligibility information and integrates directly with Nymbl Systems.

Together, we can streamline your workflows, empower your team to be more productive and help your organization collect more revenue, more quickly.

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