Nymbl Partners with OPGA

Waterloo, Iowa – Jan. 3, 2018 – Orthotics Prosthetic Group of America (OPGA) announced a new partnership with Nymbl Systems.

The arrangement provides OPGA’s 400-plus members with access to Nymbl’s practice management system at an exclusive discounted rate.

“We are very, very excited to begin this partnership with Nymbl Systems,” said Todd Eagen, president of OPGA. “Josh and his team have spent several years developing the Nymbl O&P practice management system, and we believe it is a game changer for the profession. They took the collective input from several of the leading O&P practices in the country and have created a comprehensive, cloud-based practice management system that is 100 percent HIPPA compliant and extremely user friendly. This system will improve practitioner workflow and reduce overall software costs.”

Founded by Josh Lau, Nymbl started in Lexington, Ky., when Lau, after receiving a degree in biology/premed from the University of Kentucky, met and became friends with a local CPO and nationally respected O&P practice owner. Lau was asked to analyze his friend’s business, where he immediately noticed that there was a huge gap in the technology being used in the prosthetic and orthotic community. After spending time better understanding the business operations and challenges, Lau created Nymbl and built the software on the principle of leveraging the latest technologies to help practice owners maximize their time while delivering exceptional patient care and growing their practice.

“Being new to the profession has allowed me the opportunity to bring a unique perspective into the workflow and data management of the O&P practice,” said Lau. “Using my love for solving complex problems with technology, we have built a platform that requires little training and is intuitive and easy to use. We are fortunate enough to be working with OPGA and their members to help create the best solution for their business and the profession.”

Nymbl’s functionality allows practitioners to access patient records, submit insurance claims, schedule appointments, and purchase supplies, all from the convenience of any mobile device. For more information, visit www.OPGA.com

About OPGA

Representing more than 1,200 independent O&P facilities nationwide, OPGA provides a comprehensive array of innovative business services that improve productivity, proficiency and profits for both members and suppliers in the network. These services include managed care access, high value referral targeting data, comprehensive practice management software, cyber security solutions, regulatory and compliance programs, competitive rates on liability and property insurance, website development and hosting, and other educational and marketing needs.

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Nymbl Partners with OPGA

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