The Nymbl Difference

Why Nymbl is the Future of O&P Practice Management.

Completely Cloud Based

Nymbl Systems' is currently the ONLY Cloud Based O&P Specific Practice Management Software on the market.

Nymbl is 100% Cloud Based, and is hosted on our 100% HIPAA compliant AWS servers

This ensures that practitioners have the most up to date records, statements, and any other information pertaining to their practice accessible at anytime on any device.

This creates a digital network that can easily allow access to patient data, physician notes, scheduling, billing and images anytime, anywhere.

Nymbl requires no app to download or install, and also no overhead server costs.

Data Security

Nymbl Systems received a perfect security score rating, in comparison to any other O&P practice management software on the market.

Your data is encrypted when it is being sent to our AWS servers and is encrypted while it stays at rest on the server.

How valuable is your PHI to you?
The average data breach can cost anywhere from $43,000-$866,000*, Nymbl Systems will keep your data secure as possible so you can focus on what matters most, the patients.

*estimated calculations based on 100 records. Price range factors include class action law suits, insurance fraud, bad PR, and government fines. Sources: eRiskHub, IBM Security, and Black Talon Security

Industry Specific

Our software is built by the O&P profession, for the O&P profession.

Nymbl Systems was developed with the help of O&P professionals with a collective 100+ years of experience in the orthotic and prosthetic space.

Have you ever been using a software that has features that you need and love? Our community forum enables our customers to give their feedback and suggestions to help drive the future of our software.

Ease of Use

Simplistic and streamlined workflow to minimize clicks.

Starting with a new software can sometimes be difficult, but our user interface is designed to alleviate stress. We had one user from start to finish create a patient, add a prescription, generate a delivery ticket, and bill the claim out, all in under 40 minutes without any training, or prior knowledge of our software.

We have taken aspects from Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon's interface to reduce training and on boarding

Customizable Workflow

Have you ever wanted the ability to customize things specific to your practice?

All practices are run differently, and we understand that, so we allow your practice to customize your work in progress, checklist, etc. to maximize productivity specific to your practice's needs.

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