Why Nymbl?

It's the perfect multipurpose practice management solution.

Nymbl System’s healthcare management software keeps you moving, quickly and efficiently. Our entire solution has been purpose-built to serve the Orthotics and Prosthetics specialty, with seamless integration, security and convenience you need to grow the practice.

Nymbl Systems is revolutionizing the Orthotic and Prosthetic Industry by solving complex problems with simple solutions. We leverage the latest technologies to simplify your work flow and let you focus on what matters most - the patients. By reducing training, time spent in the software, and reporting you will be able to grow your practice faster.

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Our Philosophy

To revolutionize the industry through simple and intuitive designs. We use the latest technologies to solve complex problems with effortless solutions.

Our Vision

With Nymbl, our vision is simple: to become the best EMR and PM software for post-acute practices. We wish to provide the same technology that large enterprise hospital systems have at a fraction of the cost. For us, the product is never complete.

Our Mission

To deliver an outstanding product and service to the medical community. We hope that increasing productivity, decreases the time documenting and increases the time spent with patients.

Nymbl Systems's Story

While working in the IT field, a client in the orthotics and prosthetics industry asked Josh Lau, a 2012 graduate of the University of Kentucky’s biology program, to help find new software for its company.

Lau searched for months to meet his client’s needs and found nothing to fit the exceptionally specialized field, propelling him to talk with other orthotics and prosthetics providers to get a strong understanding of the software needs of the field.

One of the firms Lau spoke with put him in contact with a physician who was working on his own tech startup, and he then put Lau in contact with Gordon Garrett, associate director of the Kentucky Small Business Development Center and himself a tech entrepreneur.

With a honed pitch and the confidence to go out on his own, Lau found the investors he needed for Nymbl Systems, a software service directed toward helping practitioners in the orthotics and prosthetics industries to schedule appointments, keep patient records and bill out claims.

With investment dollars in hand, Lau was able to hire the right team members and Nymbl Systems was up and running. They rewrote the early version of his software in six months, updating outdated technologies and coding languages to allow for quicker scaling and almost instant implementation of updates.

Nymbl started on boarding clients, receiving its first payment on March 28, 2018. Nymbl has quickly grown from a two-person operation to a twelve-person team with further plans to expand.

The Nymbl Leadership Team

Josh Lau

Josh has four years of medical research experience at The University of Kentucky, five years in healthcare IT, and five years in the O&P space. Josh has also been nominated to Forbes 30 under 30, helped raise a significant seed round, and recognized into the congressional record for his work.

Chad Feinberg

Chad has a Masters of Medical Sciences and five years of experience in the O&P space. Chad's passion and engagement within the company has allowed Nymbl to improve, prosper, and run smoothly every day.

Brad Moore

Brad has 18 years of experience in software development and framework, working with 8 different companies, including but not limited to the fields of finance, healthcare, and logistics. Brad truly is a master of his craft and it shows in Nymbl Systems’ software.

Jon Bishop

Jon has an MBA in Business Management and over a decade of experience surrounding corporate finance, healthcare, financial planning, and information systems. Jon also founded several other technology, consulting, and real estate businesses over the course of his professional career. His expertise, high energy, appetite for continuous improvement, and attention to detail all have accelerated Nymbl’s growth and stability.

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